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Maine Kids say, "I love you!" with my birthday party magic shows!

Birthday Magician for Maine

Parents in Maine...relax and enjoy the magic birthday party.

Your child is the Star of the birthday magic show!

Special Kodak moments that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Be recognized as The Worlds Greatest Parent!

Have the greatest birthday party ever!

Does that all sound good?

Look no further, Maine birthday magician Conjuring Carroll will bring his child tested and approved birthday party magic shows right to your home!

You'll get all the wonderful features that, Maine magician, Conjuring Carroll does in his public shows right in your home, personalized for your birthday child's party! It's a magical experience no birthday child should go without.

Birthday Magicians in Maine

Conjuring Carroll books birthday shows though out the entire year! Contact him today to book your show in advance!!!


Magic Birthday Party Show Packages:

Carnival Birthday Party Package: $150 investment*

The carnival birthday party package consists of a 25-minute, comedy, audience participation birthday balloon show. This show is designed for those parents that want a balloon twister instead of a magician. The show is an audience participation show so the kids are involved throughout the performance with balloon games and comedy bits. All the children attending the birthday party will receive a balloon to take home with them. The birthday child is the Star of the Show of course and will receive a very special multiple balloon sculpture as the finale!

Basic Magic Birthday Party Package: $150 investment*

The Basic birthday party package consists of a 30-minute, comedy, audience participation birthday magic show. Since this show is audience participation, all the kids get to be involved in some way. As you know, it's important to have kids actively involved instead of just sitting, wouldn't you agree? Your birthday child has their own special section during the performance, becoming the Star of the Show! At the finale of their show, Conjuring Carroll gives your child their very own signed magic wand to keep and help finish the show. Your child will be so excited with their new gift, especially when they help end the show by magically producing a real live bunny! What a priceless photo shot when your child's face lights up as they see the creation they've made. Maine magician, Conjuring Carroll always makes sure to take a moment at the end of his show to have your birthday child pet the bunny while holding their new wand for parents and relatives to take great photos.

Deluxe Magic Birthday Party Package: $175 investment*

The second birthday party option is the deluxe birthday party package. This package also includes a 30-minute comedy audience participation birthday magic show, but with some extra benefits.

First the entire program length is 45 minutes long to give you more birthday party coverage and less time worrying about the guests. Secondly, not only does your birthday child have their own section in the magic show where they become the Star, get a signed magic wand from the magician, and help produce a live rabbit. They also will receive their very own magic kit! You'll hear words like, "Wow!" and "Cool!" from your child's guests. You'd have to agree an investment in this package would be impressive and satisfying, but there's more. Yes that's right, more! Not only does your child receive everything just mentioned, but all the birthday guests will receive a piece of magic! Maine magician, Conjuring Carroll will magically create balloon sculptures that the birthday party guests will be able to bring home. The kids will be talking about your child's magic birthday party as one of the best birthday parties they'd ever been to.

Super Magic Birthday Party Package $200 investment*

The Final option is just what the title implies. I'm sure you're wondering, "How can you improve on the deluxe show?" Well here's the answer. With a full hour of birthday party entertainment your guests will be totally entertained. This is the perfect solution for those who like stress free occasions. Here's the benefits of your decision to invest in the super birthday party package.

First your comedy, audience participation birthday magic show is 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes. All guests get balloon sculptures to take home. Plus your child's special section of the show where they're the star, receive the signed magic wand and magic kit and help produce the live rabbit, is expanded for even more birthday Kodak moments!

But the big differences between the Super Birthday Party Package and the other options is with the investment of the Super Birthday Party Package you'll have the option to have, Maine magician, Conjuring Carroll bring one of his small illusions. You can have your child's head disappear, a sword placed through their neck, or defy gravity and levitate!!! Kids and adults alike love this part of the show! Gasps and "How's he doing that!" are common responses. This truly makes the birthday party magically successful and guaranteed to be memorable.

Please don't wait, call or email to book your child's party today! Maine magician, Conjuring Carroll is a full-time entertainer booking many shows months in advance. Call 207-635-3133 or email now to avoid disappointment.

*Conjuring Carroll provides free travel for the first 50 miles from his location in Solon, ME. Any mileage past the 50 miles is an additional fee of $1/per mile from your location. For example if your location is 76 miles from Solon, ME then there would be an additional $26 travel fee. Carroll uses to determine mileage from Solon to the town location of the party. Please click here to determine the distance via Mapquest

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To the Magical Conjuring Carroll: Wow! Fun! Funny! Exciting! Our son's magic birthday party was a hundred times better with YOU there to entertain the kids...Cullen said, "That was the best 45 minutes of my entire life!" Your magic show was perfect for any age. As you saw at our party, we had people there from age 3 to 83 (Grampa)!, and EVERYONE was laughing and amazed by your magic act. We still can't figure out how that rabbit came out of your box. Cullen really liked your magic coloring book trick. And to give Cullen his own magic kit, wand, and balloons for all the kids, I'd say your 45 minute show was worth twice what you charge, or more! Thank you, Conjuring Carroll, we will hire you again for sure!
Linda & Eric Stout, Winslow, Maine

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