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Nutrition by Magician is Conjuring Carroll's magic show on healthy eating habits and exercise. Developed in 2004, before the studies of the child obesity epidemic, with Somerset Heart Health of Maine Healthy Partnerships. This program continues to change with wellness education. Currently designed to pair with the 5-2-1-0 message that has been endorsed by prestigious health facilities across the nation.


With our instant generation, fast food restaurants, soda companies, and junk foods have become a part of normal everyday life. Is it any wonder that obesity is the #1 concern for health problems in America? Conjuring Carroll brings a fun entertaining program to challenge people to watch what they eat and to learn about nutrition.


Carroll let's audience members know that no foods are forbidden, (I mean who could live without cake) but should be used in moderation. With the assistance of magic he introduces strategies and concepts to help people make better eating choices and find easy ways to get exercise.


With the application of the 5-2-1-0 message, Carroll get his audience to list off different fruits and vegetables by their color, explains what recreational screen time is, explores different activities that increase our health, and gives some alternative ideas instead of sugary drinks.


If you feel that nutrition and exercise are important issues that children and adults need to be aware of, than this enrichment program will help support your efforts. Please contact Carroll today if you'd like to book this program for your school or nutrition fair/event. Block booking is available.

Contact Information:

Carroll Chapman

Tel: 207-635-3133



"A pleasure to have you, the kids had a wonderful time. Nutrition by Magician conveyed effective yet simple concepts that the kids understood, and were eager to learn. Outstanding!!! Thanks C.C."

-Liane Hayes, Lynch Health Fair


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