The Magic Show about Agriculture!


Seeds of Knowledge Planted in a well Composted act!

Kids & Goats agree, it'll nibble your funny bone!

You'll go Hog wild with this Swine entertainer!

No yoke about it, its and Egg-celent Show!

Udder-ly Ridiculous Comedy!

Hare-raising Excitement!

Don't be Sheepish, contact Conjuring Carroll today about this show for your fair!

Magician and Family Entertainer Conjuring Carroll has developed a magic show specifically for agricultural fairs. Many fairgoers come to the fair for the rides, food, and entertainment, and miss out on the importance of agriculture. Living in the country on a small 5 acre parcel Carroll not only knows about agriculture, but also practices it. He is a seed saver, has a flock of Rhode Island Red chickens, rabbits, a compost bin, and grows his own vegetables. Carroll has developed a family friendly audience participation show that not only entertains but also educates! Whether answering the difference between a heifer and a cow, composting, or the reason why there are different colored eggs, Carroll shares these facts while making people smile!

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