Anti Bullying Magic Show for Maine

Anti-Bullying Magic Show for Elementary & Middle Schools Presented by Magician Conjuring Carroll

We're all aware and understand that kids face problems everyday. Bullying shouldn't be one of them. Our kids have been bombarded with violence from all types of media. Is there any wonder why our children think it's ok to use bullying tactics and have no remorse. Whether its pushing or shoving on the playground, to calling names, or to the most recent cyber-bullying, these practices should never be accepted.

Professional Magician Carroll Chapman, also known as Conjuring Carroll, knows first hand about bullying. As a male student with the name Carroll, he knows good and well, how names and bullying can hurt and affect a child on many levels and uses this personal experience within his program.

With his charm and wit, Carroll explains a ABC rule of simple truths about how to deal with bullies and emotions that come from being bullied.

A - Ask for help.

B - Be Active against Bullying.

C- Care by treating others with respect.

With the aid of magic and sleight of hand, these methods and truths are retained in young minds, because of the visual experience that is linked to them.

If you believe that kids should have reinforcement of good values such as showing others respect, and treating others the way they would like to be treated, this program supports your belief. It's time to Speak Up!

This magic program is not a curriculum, but a support for your anti-bullying curriculum presented in a fun and entertaining way.

To book this program for your school or district please contact Carroll Chapman at 207-635-3133 or e-mail

 Block booking is available and encouraged.

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